Samsung ML 1640 Laser Printer cardrige not recognized after refill.?

My Samsung ML 1640 Laser Printer cardrige not recognized after refill. Its still showing as empty cartridge.  i have a samsung ml-1640 with the original cartridge that came with the printer i have been looking at the chat on line about reseting the page count to 0 so it thinks the cartridge is full there is a way of shorting two pins on the chip in side the printer but i have tryed this and it will not work for me i think it is becouse this is a new one abou 6 month old brought around september 2009 there is all so a way of puting a new software version on so as every time the printer is turned off it resets to 100% ink i have tryed to do this and it did work once reset and i could use but it is still counting the pages and if i turn it off and on it will not reset. in an etemt to reset back to page count 0 iflashed the same software i got that worked the first time agean in the hope it would reset to 100% ink but it will not work now ? i am not shure if i have the wright firmware for wat i need or maybe i have not put it on to the printer wright ?? this is where i got the software that worked the firt time and will not work now if you can surgest where i have sliped up and even send me the wright firmware or link to the firmware with an idiots guide to sorting it out that would be good thanks rick .


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