How to Print Labels With a Samsung Ml-2510 ? The Samsung ML-2510 laser printer can print on labels, as long as they follow certain criteria. Samsung should only use labels designed for laser printers to avoid damage to the printer. Labels should not be backing between them. The labels can peel can cause serious traffic jams in the printer. Do not run the labels through the printer you have any exposed adhesive to prevent damage to the machine. The ML-2510 can print on letter-size label.

things you need: Label sheets

1 Insert the label sheets in the feed of Samsung ML-2510, putting the print side up and the top edge first.
2 Make sure that there are fewer than 100 sheets of labels in the paper as more than 100 sheets may cause labels to feed properly.
3 Run the "Print" routine on the computer to start the printing process.
4 Click "Properties" from the "Print" menu. Select the General tab, then select the appropriate label sheet configuration in "Paper Type." Click "OK" to start printing.

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