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Reset Samsung ML-2240 - Reset Samsung ML-2240. Tutorial Reset Counter Page Printer Samsung Tipe ML-2240.

guys in my ml 2240 the 3 4 pins are on the bottom left side of the 93[c]66 as you unscrew the back cover loking in front of you, i tried the other methods but apparently the numbers of the pins is different for some printers... even if you don't got it at first attempt nothing is gonna happen to your printer... so follow instructions: turn of the printer, unscrew the back cover, with the screwdriver touch the two pins 3 - 4, turn on the printer after one second take the screwdrivero off and see if the printer red light still on... try different times with different times of contact...1, 2, 3, sec not more... it worked at first attempt for me...good luck

Reset samsung printer 
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