Easy Reset Samsung Direct TV Receiver

how do you reset a samsung direct tv receiver ?
The big bold or your admired affairs is on the television. You accept DIRECTV. All of a sudden, the account freezes. You columnist the Samsung DIRECTV receiver's alien ascendancy and annihilation happens. You try to change the approach and still nothing--just a arctic picture. You charge to displace the Samsung DIRECTV receiver. Some receiver models accept a "reset button," but your receiver may not. There is a way to displace the receiver no amount what archetypal you have.

things you'll need:
Samsung DIRECTV receiver

1.  Leave the Samsung DIRECTV receiver on.
2.  Unplug the receiver's power cable from the electrical outlet into which it is plugged. The Samsung DIRECTV receiver should have no lights on and the display should be blank.
3.  Let the receiver sit unplugged for 20 seconds.
4.  Plug the receiver's power cable back into the electrical outlet.
5.  Let the receiver power up. You should see the display light up after a period of time.
6.  Press the "Channel" button on the Samsung DIRECTV receiver remote to test the receiver.