How to Refill Samsung SCX4100 Laser Printer Cartridge ? A new laser printer cartridge can cost $ 40 - $ 100, depending on brand and condition of the cartridge. Although the cost of printing a page is only 2 cents (assuming that each cartridge can give you 3,000 pages as normal, as stated in the manufracturer), you can save even more on printing refill the cartridge.

Here is a statement filled my Samsung SCX 4100 laser printer. Most recharge processes are similar laser printer, unless your laser printer is the one that has a chip that needs to be reset.

things you need:  Toner Refill Kit (toner and gloves) , Screwdriver 

1 Buy the powder charge (search "toner refill" online). Yes, for the laser printer, you need is an ink powder, not liquid. The price of toner refill varies, depending on the weight of the fill. The refill pack usually comes with a bottle of ink powder, a pair of gloves, and instruction.
2 Get your old cartridge in the printer and remove the 5 screws. Screws places shown in the picture below
3 Open the lid of the cartridge and pour the powder out. Some estimate the magnitude of the age, because you have to determine how new power you need to pour back into the cartridge.
4 There is a fill hole (blocked by a plug), located in the back of the cartridge. Remove the lid from inside the cartridge and replace the cartridge cover to its original position. Put the 5 screws firmly again.

Pour the powder in the cartridge refill through the hole. Remember that only feed the cartridge 70 to 80% capacity. Last step - to the top.

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