How Refill Toner Cartridge Samsung CLP-300  ? The model is Samsung CLP-300 color laser printer uses four toner cartridges. One cartridge contains black toner. The three other cartridges contain toner three colors: cyan, magenta and yellow. When the toner level is low in any of these cartridges can be refilled instead of buying a new cartridge. The procedure for reloading each cartridge is identical, the only difference is the color of toner. Follow the appropriate steps to ensure that the printer is not damaged when using a refilled cartridge.

things : Toner Refill Insulating tape, Funnel Drill with 1/2-inch drill bit, Vacuum or compressed air 

1 Place the toner cartridge so the arrow printed on the lid is up.
2 Drill a 1/2-inch hole in the cartridge side, halfway between the top and base.
3 Vacuum inside the cartridge to remove drilling chips. Chips Blow compressed air cartridge, if you prefer.
4 Place the cartridge so that the drill is at the top. Place a funnel into the hole.
5 Pour through the funnel toner in the cartridge. Stop pouring when the level of toner on the top.
6 Cover the hole securely with duct tape.

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