How to instal or add toner catridge samsung clp 315 printer ? No matter what you use your Samsung laser printer for, eventually you will need to change the toner cartridge. When it comes time to change the CLP-315 toner cartridge, it pays to know how to do it yourself. Learning to change the cartridge will minimize expense, and it will allow you to get your Samsung CLP-315 color laser printer back up and running as quickly as possible.

things you'll need: Soft cloth, Vacuum cleaner

1 Open the front of the Samsung printer and grasp the first of the four toner cartridges. Pull the cartridge out of the printer and set it aside for recycling.
2 Rotate the toner cartridge carrier to access the next toner cartridge. Grasp that cartridge and set it aside. Continue to remove the toner cartridges until the carrier is empty.
3 Clean the inside of the printer with a small vacuum cleaner. The type of vacuum used to clean computer components works best, but you can also use a small hand-held vacuum with a crevice tool.
4 Wipe the cartridge carrier with a soft cloth to remove any remaining toner residue and paper dust. Debris accumulates inside the printer over time, and that debris can cause print quality to deteriorate.
5 Insert the first toner cartridge into the Samsung printer, then rotate the cartridge carrier to access the next toner. Continue to add the remaining toner cartridges, then close the printer cover and send a test page to the printer.

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