How to Reset the Toner on a Samsung,
Samsung cartridge has a mechanism through which the printers will be notified when they are running out of ink. Unfortunately, this mechanism is not reversible, which means that if you refill the cartridge with more ink, the cartridge still giving the "low ink" message and refuses to print. To resolve this problem, you need to reset the cartridge.

things you need:
Reset the fuse for the Samsung cartridge

1 Purchase of a fuse to reset the Samsung toner cartridge. The fuse is specific to the cartridge design. You can find this reset fuse in an online store or hardware store that sells computer printer accessories.
2 Hold the cartridge in your hands as you would while sliding into the printer. Now look at the left edge of the cartridge. You will see a Phillips screw head and a small claw is holding a fuse in place. You have to replace the fuse to operate the cartridge.
3 Remove the fuse cartridge holder. Install the new, like the previous one was installed. You only need to tighten until it clicks.