How to Reset Samsung ML-2240

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How to reset samsung ML 2240 toner 

If you are experiencing problems with your Samsung ML-2240 toner printer regarding the toner counter, you may need to reset it. Printers will sometimes show the incorrect toner levels. Alternatively, if you are refilling the cartridges yourself, you will want to reset the counter manually. With the Samsung ML-2240, you do not reset the cartridge--you reset the machine itself. This will void your warranty, so only proceed if you are sure that you want to. This method will reset the toner counter every time your printer is turned on.

1 .  Remove the printer's back cover. There are two chipset boards in the inside.
2 .  Find the "93c66" chip (see Resources for image).
3.   Solder a wire between the first and fourth pins on the chip.
4.   Replace the cover and turn the printer on.

things you'll need:
Soldering iron and cable


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