How Reset Samsung CLP-300 Laser Printer

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How is possible to reset Samsung CLP-300 toner chip?


Yes, they can be reset. You need a serial interface that can be made pretty cheap and also hex editing and programming software. Depends on what type of chips are on the cartridges though. If its OEM then buy one of the easily available kits with chips and most of them can be reprogrammed easier.

Actually, I used the diagram located on the 3rd picture down the page located here
Its a very simple serial connection. Parts used consisted of a 5VDC adapter, 2 x 5.1V Zener Diodes (1N4733A), 2 x 1/4w 2.2k Ohm 2% resistors, an old db-9 serial cable, a piece of perfboard, and the copper pins from and old telco m-m connector.

I cut the perfboard to fit the circular guard that surrounds the driven gear on the cartridges. Then I took the copper pins and bent them to act as contacts on the back of the cartridge so that all I had to do was lay the perfboard on the back of the cartridge when I wanted to reset or reprogram the chips. The rest of the parts were laid out and soldered onto the perfboard to follow the schematic in the picture. Lastly the ac adapter and serial cable were soldered to the appropriate contacts on the perfboard.

All total took me about an hour to fabricate mine and about 10 minutes to figure out the settings for the chips in the software.

If you look at the business end of one of the cartridges and hold it so that the gear is facing you and the toner dispense tube is at the 12:00 position the contacts will be towards the 3:00 position. The contacts are as follows,

Top Left = Data
Bottom Left = Clock
Top Right = +5 VDC
Bottom Right = Gnd

That's pretty much all there is to it. Once you get to where you can read the chips then you can tell the differences between the colors and also see what has to be edited in order to reset the chips. Note: You will probably not get consistent data by reading the OEM chips and you won't be able to reset them obviously.