Easy Reset Samsung CLP 500 Toner Cartridges

How to Reset the Samsung CLP-500 Toner Cartridges ?


1.  Remove the toner cartridge that you wish to reset. Locate the cartridge contacts assembly in the side of the cartridge. The assembly is approximately 1 inch long and has three copper contacts on the side.
2.  Pry out the cartridge contacts assembly with a flathead screwdriver. The assembly has two fuses -- one connected to the two outside copper pins (Pin1 and Pin 3), and one connected to the middle pin and an outside pin (Pin 1 and Pin 2).
3.  Secure the cartridge contacts assembly in a vise so that the fuses are facing upward. Do not overtighten the vise or you may damage the assembly.
4.  Grasp the fuse connected to Pin 1 and Pin 3 with needle-nose pliers. Touch a hot soldering iron to the ends of the fuse to melt the solder so you can remove the fuse. Be careful not to touch the plastic on the assembly with the soldering iron. Try to melt the solder as close to the copper pins as possible.
5.  Smooth out any remaining solder on the copper pins with the soldering iron, after you remove the fuse.
6.  Hold the cartridge reset system fuse with needle-nose pliers. Touch one end to Pin 1 and solder it in place.
7.  Touch the other end of the reset system fuse to Pin 3 and solder it in place.
8. Reinstall the cartridge contacts assembly into the toner cartridge. Reinstall the toner cartridge.

Things you'll need:
Flathead screwdriver
Needle-nose pliers
Soldering iron
Cartridge reset system fuse